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3 tailored solutions


One approach B to B to C to ensure the control of energy costs for the actors of residential real estate

The Home solution


Expertise as well as technical and financial tools specifically for the tertiary sector. They are designed to maximize asset value, promote stable cash flow and lower operating costs.
The Properties solution


A concrete solution to the problems of over-consumption in processes and buildings. It combines technical, financial and regulatory expertise.
The Industry solution

Eco-quarter expertise

The eco-quarter brings all of E-nergy’s expertise to bear at the level of an urban district that is either pre-existing or under construction. It also exploits E-nergy’s acclaimed expertise in the distribution of energy through renewably powered grids and in the recovery of unavoidable energy.

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E-nergy accompagne Invesco sur le projet de Capital 8 10/22/2018

Bravo à Invesco pour la finalisation de l’acquisition de Capital 8 ! E-nergy est ravie d’accompagner l’équipe projet dont l’objectif est de : 
- Optimiser la consommation d’énergie et l’impact environnemental de l’actif  Read more

L'équipe d'E-nergy a cette année pris le large à Lorient pour son séminaire ! 09/20/2018

Une expérience sensationnelle à bord du trimaran d'Alain Gautier et en compagnie de Karine Fauconnier, deux grands navigateurs de renommée internationale. 
Des moments de partage, d'échange et de travail au cœur du...
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The dynamic Energy Saver application

Calculate your spending on energy and water over 5 years, reduce your future bills through informed use and greater control... With dynamic modelling tool Energy Saver, you can stay in control of your energy use!

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